The little things we do.

So, I am sort of terrible with emotions or human contact in general and have often be called ‘heartless’ (which, biologically, isn’t possible).
But it’s not always the big gestures that are needed to show your affection for the ones you care about.

Sometimes it’s just a smile when you see them do something adorable.
Sometimes it’s a slight shrug when you are seething with anger.
Sometimes it’s a sincere attempt to keep your mouth shut when you want to say something very blunt.
Sometimes it’s just a phone call at an ungodly hour cos they are tipsy and they want to talk about love and life (sorry if I am not supposed to say that to anyone).
Sometimes it’s an attempt to talk or apologise no matter how angry you are or at the very least, it’s just the small things that you say.

-Do you want a hug?

-Doesn’t matter what you want. Come here, you are getting a hug.

-You have earned yourself a kiss from me, here, take it. 

-Nah, it’s okay, I will take out time and be there for lunch.

Bolo, no, not really sleeping.

-You near my college? I am coming in 5.

-Your Whatsapp status says that you are available, wanna get unavailable? 😉

-Did you get on the right bus?

-Call me when you reach home.

-I was out for a walk, wanted to talk.

-Wanna eat pasta? I will make.

-I got rochers for you!

-Nah, your rant isn’t boring me.

-No, you hear me out first.


-Meet me?

-Did you see that hotness on that bike?!

-Quest at 10am? Okay.

-I miss you.

-Nooo, talk to me!

-Wanna hear me sing? You actually don’t get an option. You will HAVE to hear me sing.
*sings like a dying moose*
You stop singing. Let me sing.

-I need to see you.

-Do you think it’s rude to do/say this?

-Help me out with my work?

-I am scared.

-Came back to Calcutta. Please.

-Oh, I remember your birthday!

-You done? Khatam gussa?

-Sorry, sorry, sorry. Sorry, please?
Please talk!
Don’t make me feel bad about myself.

-I want to marry a guy like you!

-*weird talks about Scarlett Johansson being hot, REALLY HOT*

-I love you back.

And no, these statements are not addressed to any guy or a special someone.

These are for those people who are there or have been there for me through thick and thin. The ones without whom I would have been a loner. The ones who are *forever alone* with me. The ones I wish will be there next to me 50 years down the line so that they can scold me when I am being an ass. They are the ones that matter, always have and always will.

Trash talking with you is my privilege.
Having a highly intellectual conversation about terrorism and war while cooking pasta with you is my privilege.
Running to you when I am having a panic attack for no reason whatsoever, is my privilege.
Being there for you when you cry because you have been badly friendzoned is my privilege.
Coming to your college during your 4pm break to see if you are holding up just fine is my privilege.
Receiving drunk calls from you is my privilege.
Oh, what got me romantic?

It’s kinda sad that a cute/cheeky post about simple acts of love on 9gag reminded me of you guys, but…oh god!

I think I will die alone.

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