Let’s just call it a serendipity!

Dear life,

Serendipity: a pleasant or fortunate happening. Wikipedia definitions are always somewhat vague. They confuse me. Despite not knowing its meaning very intricately, I think, I REALLY REALLY REALLY like the word ‘serendipity’. It slips so beautifully from the tongue. How can a few syllables sound so pretty? Needless to say, it is my new favorite combination of 11 alphabets. ‘Abandonment’ was my word of month this August. The choice of these two words are pretty ironic if you look at it deeply. But I shall not get into the technicalities.

I find this word to be so profound. The meaning and the entire phenomenon so beautiful. What makes it so different (apart from the fact that words literally do have different meanings)?
Sometimes, serendipities happen and you don’t even get to know about until it is over and done. And once the pleasant happenstance has taken place, you just sit there on a chair or at the corner of the bed and try to comprehend why are you smiling so much! No, don’t mistake this for a something romantic. It is far from that. It is something much more innocent, much more subtle and quintessential. To make it easier, I think I have experienced one such case. A few months back, I went on a lunch date with myself. As I was sitting and reading, I happened to initiate a conversation with a girl who was waiting for her friend to arrive. Now, if you have known me for long, you will notice that I have become a bit bold now. Totally out of my shell of introvert-ism. So, I started talking with that girl. For once in my life, I heard someone speak their heart out to a stranger. And I just sat there and listened and gave my inputs when I thought she needed to hear something. I still remember the glint in her eyes as she spoke. The smile on face when I was leaving. I like to consider it to be my serendipity. An incident of how I ended up at the same restaurant as her. How I was alone and so was she, so it made it easier for us to talk. How the entire universe conspired for that to happen. For that moment to take place. For those few exchanges of words to change me as a person. It made me realize how everyone is stuck in such complicated webs that we call life. And we won’t ever know it if we are too afraid to ask.

(Post about the above incident)

Another amazing thing about this word is that it gives us a hope, a hope that something good will happen. Something you are not expecting, but you know that you need it. Because good things happen when you are not specifically waiting for them to take place. It just…occurs. Without any prior warnings or notices. And when it does, your jaw drops in awe of how wonderful this life is and how it all works out. No matter how weird and unpredictable those ways are. But it does straightens out. Continuing with that above incident, I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope that someday, maybe after years down the lane, I will meet that girl again and recognize her and tell her all that I couldn’t say at that time. Someday, I will meet the person who helped me change and affected me in such a positive way. Some day. Maybe we will never be friends, maybe I will again meet her just for a fleeting moment, maybe I won’t. Do I believe that it will actually happen? No. I don’t.
But I want it to be my serendipity.

It works both way, you know. You have the strength to change someone elses’ life in a moment and someone else also has the same power over you. A serendipity. A reassuring glance, to an unsuspecting stranger, across the room, down the stairs, in the dark, during the bright day, under the sun, beside the waves or just at the morning rush hour as you wait for the bus to arrive- it has the power to revolutionize someones world. A serendipity for them. A lifetime worth of sense of fulfillment for you.
I guess that is my new dream- not only to experience a serendipity, but also, to be someone’s serendipity.

When you tune in to the synchronicity of life and look with the eyes of belief and fate, we just begin to experience the undeniable truth that there is a rhyme and reason to the way life flows. When you take a conscious step back from your life, you realize that people and events that surround you are too surreal to be coincidences. They are serendipities.

With love,
A crazy girl who believes in serendipities.

Ps. I am not going to apologize for using the term ‘serendipity’ so many times. Serendipity. Serendipity. Serendipity.



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