Baby, I am addicted!

It was 1 am. I lied on my bed as I kept scrolling my finger up and down the cellphone screen. It had been 5 hours since I had reached home and logged in on Facebook. “I will check it for just 15 mins”, I said to myself. You know you like doing something when you mean to do it for a quarter of an hour, but end up doing the said task for 20 times the intended time period. Now, if that task were the following I would have been happy to spend 5 hours doing it:
2-researching for a dissertation paper
4-anything productive
But case wasn’t so. Instead it dawned upon me that not only was I spending 5 consecutive hours on Facebook that particular night, I do it every night.


Like any other normal human being, I made a resolution at 1:05 am. Did I want to go ahead with it? Yes, very much so. Was I willing to make sacrifices to fulfill the resolution? Not really. But I went ahead it with anyway.

“I will deactivate my Facebook account. I will not allow my temptingly devious nerves to convince me otherwise”

With that being said I went ahead to the settings of my facebook page.
I made a very philosophical observation as I was carrying out the deed. Trying to deactivate Facebook account is like trying to break up with your partner. Because you cannot breakup without a plausible reason, so go ahead and give it to them.
(If you have ever deactivated your account you will know what I am talking about)

“You don’t understand my behavior?”
(I don’t understand how to use Facebook)

“Are you cheating on me, you have someone else in your life, don’t you?”
(I have another Facebook account)

“We can work this out you know, lets just take a break”
(This is temporary, I will be back again)

“You don’t love me anymore?”
(I don’t find Facebook useful)

“What do you mean I am taking too much of your time?”
(I spend too much time using Facebook)

“Your parents won’t approve of us?”
(I have privacy concerns)

“You mean to say that I irritate and nag you?”
(I get too many emails, invitations and requests from Facebook)

“Why do you want to break up?”
(If not the above, give other reasons)


((Not that I know anything about breakups))

But, if anyhow you are able to get past that stage of giving a reason, then pops another dialogue:
A solution.
“Let us try to make this work, please?”
“Please lets give us another shot”
(Would you opt for just logging out instead of deactivating)


After breaking up, I went ahead with my life. One week off Facebook, and I realized how much time I actually have in my hand. 24 hours. 1140 minutes. 86400 seconds. So much of time. What will I ever do with all the time I have in my hand if not use it to make myself feel bad about my life by seeing how great everyone is doing with theirs?!

Coming back to my observation, after the break up with Facebook, I started doing the things that I used to do before the whole relationship ordeal started. I caught myself reading the books that I had been stalling for months now and crushing on fictional characters without an ounce of guilt. I watched the television series that I didn’t get the time to watch before. I did not sleep late because a certain someone was no longer taking a single minute of my time which kept me awake at odd hours. I slept early, woke up early. It felt nice, for once to not think about anyone else, but just myself. It felt amazing!


Yes, past tense.

Even after break up, you have those urges to drop one text or make just one call. Hear their voice just once. It’s wrong, you know it, but you want to do it anyway. So you delete their number from your phone to not make the mistake.
I did the same. I deleted the Facebook app. The urges were there, of course, to log in from the browser, but I refrained.
Even though you know that your life will be better off without something or someone, but somehow you keep gravitating towards it? Yes, for me that is this networking website.

After a week, we got back. We kissed and made up. Facebook and I.

That marked the end of our hiatus.

Did I learn something from the ‘break’? Yes. A lot of things.
-I can use my phone for purposes other than Facebook
-I can survive without Facebook
-I am capable of reading one entire novel in a day if I put my mind to it

-Facebook was never the cause of me not doing household chores, I am just lazy.
-Lastly, I am addicted to Facebook.

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