Taken for granted.

Life has a strange way of surprising you. Things happen when you don’t expect them. You can be having a perfectly amazing day and then, BAM a relative drops by at your place and you are forced to socialise with the aunt whose existence you were unaware of till that very minute. Or even worse, you drop the piece of cake you were feasting on. Or or, like the time when you were having a very bad day and then someone hands you a piece of cake AND you don’t drop it. 
One such unexpected thing happened to me this month. No, I was not placed in an awkward situation of forced communication. No, I didn’t drop any cake. Interestingly enough, I dropped myself (does that make sense? I shall elaborate on that later).
I consider myself to be pretty talented in some redundant art forms. To mention a few:
-I can get obsessed with things. I am not talking high-school-girl-crushing-on-an-actor obsessed, but Conor McGregor obsessed (weirdly, this obsession doesn’t work when it comes to humans)
-On days, I can work for 16 hours straight and have the energy to work more. On other days, I cannot keep my eyes open for more than an hour after having a good sleep of about 16 hours. 
-I have the uncanny ability of tripping and tumbling down and twisting my ankle while walking on the flattest of land.  
Keeping these 3 attributes in mind, I have, in recent past developed an obsession with a sport, namely Squash which I can play for hours and while playing, I fell.
Sparing the details, here is a highly intricate illustraion as to how the catastrophic event unfolded.

FullSizeRender 344

Not sure how much that explains, but I now have a reason to believe that my ninja skills are deteriorating. 
Given my predicament, I feel that I have earned the honour of advising other people about the do’s and don’ts of a sprained ankle: 
DO’S and DON’TS:
-Take advantage of your pain and not do house hold chores (but don’t use it too much because your mother will get back at you for it)
-Tell your close friends about it, but don’t expect chocolates (at least not from mine, useless bunch)
-Think of all the time that you had a perfectly fine and operational leg, but you took it for granted 
-Try not to cry over the opportunities that you are losing out on because the day you are stuck to the bed is the day when Aaron Paul decides to visit the park near your house. Also, Imagine Dragons and Simon and Garfunkel decided to do a medley of Demons and Sound of Silence with Beyonce performing to it in hotel so near to your room that you could literally hop into, but not anymore. 
-Try not do do the thing that rendered you powerless (at least for a week)
-Make puppy face (not the snapchat filter, please, for the love of God, don’t) and give orders to your brothers. You can do that till the time your evil conniving brother doesn’t convince your parents of your overplay of misery. 
Jokes apart, I think, surprises that life tosses at you can be, well, insightful. You might have the greatest plans or goals set for yourself and then BAM, it takes one, relatively insignificant incident to turn it upside down. It does not necessarily have to be negative, it may turn things downside up (?!). 
Along these lines, to give you some positive vibe for making it this far, I will conclude on a genuine note. We all have a problem, an issue of underestimating the value of  things. A functional leg or even that piece of bread that we toss in the canister since we are not ‘in the mood’ to eat it, everything comes down to the things we don’t acknowledge when we have it. Once when somebody takes it away from us, we sob and sulk and weep and then proceed to write a blog post about it.


    1. Got no legs- probable explanation as to why I am going nowhere in life and am standing still in one place. Quite literally.

      Also, the only thing that’s going to grow because of cake is my stomach.

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