How to be Productive 101

I will not say that I am eligible or qualified to write this piece, but I am going to attempt it anyway. I shall do so not on the grounds of my capability to make fun of my life, but in light of the fact that I have been utilizing this strategy for the last few posts. Like:

1- The one in which I declared myself to be a chiropractor because I once injured my ankle;

2- The one in which I announced myself to be the most social person on earth because I managed to hold a 43 seconds conversation while maintaining eye-contact with someone I had just met;  

3-The one in which I gave you symptoms of a highly destructive and deadly disease called ‘Growth’ (no one makes it out alive, literally).

4-The one in which I helped you become a better student by turning your fit as a fiddle, healthy body in to a carcass filled with information that you might never use in your life;

5-The one in which I wrote a guide on the most proficient methods to survive an internship without killing yourself;

6- The one in which I told you how to manage adult life without killing anyone else;

7-The one in which I told you how to survive a wedding celebration.

Point being, I think, I have it all sorted. Every stage of an individual’s life- from defeats and hurt to socialising to growing up to student-hood to internships to adulthood to marriage to a broken ankle. What purpose do these blogs serve if we don’t implement them in our daily lives and utilize them to become more efficient? 

It is kind of ironic that I didn’t manage to write a post this month because of my sluggishness and this is the 3rd attempt where I try to write one about being productive. I think, I am experiencing a phenomenon which I like to call, The Productivity Paradox. Although Google tells me that it is an actual thing which is defined a peculiar observation made in business process analysis that, as more investment is made in information technology, worker productivity may go down instead of up.

I will go ahead and give it my own definition (why not?!). So according to my made up and negligible observation, The Productivity Paradox is applicable to students who have assignments to do and documentaries to shoot. As their workload increases, they become lazier instead of doing the said work. They crib about not studying, they end up writing a blog about it, they watch 3 movies in a day and sleep like a polar bear in hibernation. Hence, the work-rate goes down when it ought to be skyrocketing.
Given that being productive is not an easy job, here are a few tips: 
1) A healthy lifestyle: 
This is pretty important to capitalize your energy and concentration. Make sure you do the following:
-wake up early;
-play a sport in the morning (ideally one that requires you to run a lot);
-have proper breakfast; 
-attend your school/college and learn new things; 
-when you get back home, complete your assignments for the day;
-eat proper small meals 5 times a day;
-eat junk food once in 2 week;
-sleep early. 

Just to spur and motivate you correctly, these are the things I do: 
-wake up early and then go off to sleep, then wake up at 10am; 
-play a sport in the morning, once in a month;
-miss breakfast because I am late for college;
-sleep in class because I tried waking up early; 
-get back home and sleep because I couldn’t sleep properly in class as the professor kept talking; 
-neglect all the meals during the day and end up eating an infant elephant for dinner; 
-sleep late because I slept during the day. Duh! 

Given that I have now lost the essence of this point, I will move on to the other. 

2) Read: 
I am a firm adherent of the fact that reading helps an individual to widen their horizon. So whenever you get leisure time on your somewhat bustling calendar, you have to read great books. Although you can always pretend that you have ample of time at your disposal and read all day long. Which is superbly sensible because at the end of the day you are widening your horizon…and..that is..all…that matters. I think. 

3) Time management: 
This is probably the most imperative aspect to gain maximum benefit from your day. We should prioritize our work and give time to those chores that are more critical for our well being. For instance, if you have 2 jobs to do at a said moment- say, write a script for an upcoming project and write a blog post which no one reads- what do you do? Obviously the latter, because if you don’t crib about work and university on a public forum, how will you ever accumulate the amount of self-hatred and loathe needed to make you feel disgusted by your own existence, which will eventually force you to work.
Yes, it’s that simple.

If you do doubt my expertise, I will let you know that recently someone gifted me the following pouch- 


If this does not make me The Queen Of The World and grant me the authority to give awesome tips, I don’t know what will. 

Until next time (or the time when I am able to defeat my crippling laziness). 


  1. You love to rant, don’t you now? And you’re indeed quite the lovely one! I liked reading about you and all that you had to say! It was cute, sweet, a lil boring but also interesting! 🙂


      1. You don’t have to get offended just because i said it was a lil boring. I’m just honest, but it’s fine! Take care of yourself, mate!


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