B for Beautiful.

Life is blissfully beautiful. It’s brilliantly beaming with blessed beings. It’s this bumper journey full of bountiful moments, but make no mistakes, it also consists of brutal blunders. Blunders that have the ability to ruin every bacterial-size goodness. Given that I am currently trying to bluff life, I shall only emphasize on the former aspect. It’s like a buffet- you get to choose what you want to focus and feast on. You can either waste your time chewing that over-baked, bronze piece of bread or enjoy the delish chicken steak (unless you are vegetarian, then you deserve the over-baked bread).

It baffles me at times, this life. It turns me bonkers with the way it operates. The roads are created and pathways are formed in the most bizarre manner, even at places where there were no chances of an escape- a beautifully crafted portal appears. I don’t mean this in metaphorical sense only- I mean it literally too.

Last week, on a family trip I got to witness this above phenomenon. It got me to notice this beautiful planet we call Earth, in all its glory and grandeur. Although all parts are equally beautiful and I am not the one to enforce my opinions on others, but I shall be biased and firm and declare the following statements to be universal truth (or needs, in some cases):
-Mountains are the most peaceful pointy earth structures;
-Snow is over-rated;
-Rain loosely translates to metaphoric earth teardrops;
-Pieces of clouds SHOULD be available on sticks like cotton candy or as stuffing in steak or as fillings in burger;

Now that we have it out of the way, enjoy the following pictures because I am jobless and shall assume that you are no better. Thank you.

Trees, you know.
Pointy things.
When you are high #1.
When you are high #2.
When you are high #3.
Snow and pointy things.
Captions are totally irrelevant.
Rotating things.
FullSizeRender 65_Fotor_Fotor234
I found Hobbit Land.
FullSizeRender 67_Fotor
Spot the Bilbo.

Earth, you beauty! 


  1. Great video, Shaiqa! However, snow most definitely is NOT overrated. You can do so much with it! Sure, it makes travel perilous and causes many injuries, but it looks nice. You can also throw it at people! You’ll just need gloves to do that, because it’s freakin’ cold.


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