E for Experience

Experience is expensive (which explains why I am broke and wiser than I was before). Looking back at 2017, I realise that I have gathered a few pearls of wisdom and no real pearls. Without further delay, I shall impart my gathered knowledge for others to benefit.

This year taught me-

1- Babysitting my nephews for 10000000 hours made me realize that with even a tiny bit of power, comes great responsibility. Responsibility that makes you want to kill everyone around you, but you always make it to the end (without killing, that is).

2- Don’t worry about the number of friends you have as long as the 2 you got will protect your bottoms through hell and back.

3- Not all experiences are worth having, no matter how fascinating they might seem from afar. Therefore, never going back to a restaurant that serves only veg food.

4- People can and will look you in the eye and lie without blinking. You think the shopkeeper means it when he says that he is selling you the product with almost no profit margin? You think you are special?!

5- You are responsible for all the decisions you make. Eating junk food everyday and hoping that you will reduce weight is a good decision? Damn right, it is.

6- A single decision can make or break a life. Or leave you hanging somewhere in the middle, which is also fine.

7- Your first judgement about a person, more often than not, is wrong.

8- People leave. And that’s okay. I mean you cannot expect your Uber driver to live with you irrespective of how hot and polite he is.

9. Being alone is good. Go for walks alone, go to your favorite restaurant and have dates with yourself, get comfortable with solitude, talk/sing to yourself- you might creep out your family, but it’s worth it.

10. Smile more. You might be shy, awkward, weirdly conscious of your crooked teeth- but smile. I mean, purse your lips inwards and hide the teeth cos you don’t wanna scare the 2 friends you have, but smile.

11. No matter how much you try, things that aren’t meant to happen will not happen. You can buy as many lottery tickets as you possibly can but still remain broke af (probably because you wasted all the money on those goddamn tickets).

12. People don’t think the same way you do. They have different perspectives and it’s fine if it doesn’t matches yours. You are not obligated to show them the correct path. If they want to eat vegetarian food all their life, their choice!

13. Rejection hurts a lot. It makes you feel terrible about yourself, but at the end of the day you must realize that you are the most exquisite piece of art, the brightness of which shines mightier than the star.

14. Life is too short to waste time by exercising.

15. Heartbreaks are inevitable. How can I even explain this? I mean, you spend 3 hours daydreaming about the piece of cake lying in the refrigerator only to find out that your brother has already eaten it!

16. You have to be strong for yourself. Every time someone hurts you, you curse them in your head but don’t say anything to their face because you ain’t that brave.

17. People you love the most, will hurt you the most. I have seen my own mother throw my tea down the drain because she thought it was stale!

18. Expectations hurt. So if you don’t have any expectations from anyone then you will be pleasantly surprised at whatever little they do.

19. Reading is important. Read every book that you can get your dirty hands on (but make sure that the dirt doesn’t ruin the cover or the pages). Learn and absorb, like a shining little vampire that you are.

20. Always wear dark aviators if you want to check out cute guys.

21. Always smile when people tell you that you should not smile so much.

22. Always eat an entire cake in front of those that criticise your weight.

23. Love. Love hard but be strong enough to let go when time comes or demands. If you see the Nutella jar is about to break, let go.

24. Don’t leave list at #23

25. Unnecessarily add another number to make it 25 to satisfy your weird liking for multiples of 5.


  1. HAHAHA “purse your lips inwards and hide the teeth cos you don’t wanna scare the 2 friends you have”. Gold. Great list hahah.


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