C for Clouds #ILostCount

Every time I upload a picture of the sky on Facebook or Instagram, I inevitably have someone telling me that they didn’t notice the sky was so pretty that day or they cannot believe it’s the same city they live in.  It’s mind bogglingly crazy how we are sometimes so engrossed in our lives that we do not notice something as huge as the sky. We take things for granted, not realising the beauty of what lies right next to us or above us, in this case. 

That. Or I am really jobless to be staring at the sky whole day long while others have a life that keeps them busy. 

What I mean to say- if I somehow get a job that will require me to stare at the sky, I would probably take up the offer without reading the contract because I would be too busy staring at the sky.

There are many reasons as to why I enjoy gazing and gaping at the sky, some of which are:
-It gives me a sense of freedom, I can get lost in the vast expanse and not be bothered by the people or things around me;
-If I am looking up, then I am not looking around. Which means, I don’t have to feel obligated to talk to people surrounding me or be forced to make conversations and socialise;
-I like blue;
-No matter where I am, I can always look up and feel comfortable with the familiar sky. It gives me a sense of belonging;
-The pictures of the sky look prettier than my selfies.

I cannot corroborate the first 4 points, but the following pictures prove the 5th point.


(No, I will not scar your life with my selfie just to make a point)



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