L for Lessons

I am not the one to make a public list of resolutions, but I am also not the one to be predictable. So here I go with I had imagined my 2018 would look like:
-Develop a sense of purpose in life;
-Eat less animals (that is, eat more vegetables);
-Not be so unhealthy that I start panting like a bulldog after climbing 3 flights of stairs;
-Not plan murders to escape socially awkward situations;
-Learn as much as I possibly can.

It’s safe to say that I have managed to neglect everything on the list except the last resolution. In my quest to learn, I have been gathering pearls of wisdoms from various places. They are as follows-

Things I learnt at the fruit market:
1. Kiwis are very expensive;
2. Average watermelon weigh 5kgs;
3.A fruit market is one of the most colourful places to be at;
4. If you wait long enough, a cute, fitness freak guy WILL appear to buy apples;
5. I should visit the fruit market more often because of reason #4.

Things I learnt at a fair:
1. There are way too many varieties of earrings and necklaces available at very reasonable price. And I have a terrible sense of judgement to buy them knowing that I will never wear them;
2. The shopkeepers judge you if you are a 22 year old who buys balloons for herself and giggles with happiness while playing with it;
3. The shopkeepers will also judge you if you click 156 pictures of their cups without buying anything;
4. Shopkeepers judge a lot.

Things I learnt while baking:

1. There is a difference between powered sugar, salt and cocaine;
2. My arms are like weak spaghetti;
3. It’s way more convenient to travel to Mars to buy a cake than to make one;
4. I am not good with following a recipe;
5. All pretty things don’t exactly taste good;
6. If I had to save my life by mixing different ingredients, I would die in 0.2 seconds.

Things I learnt while fake-flower shopping: 
1. I can potentially end up becoming a fake flower florist because I like the smile that spread on people’s faces when they get a bouquet and more importantly, the frown that forms when they realize that it’s fake. Lol.
2. Just like emotions, I like it when things don’t get ruined in a few days.
3. I need to get a life.
4. I desperately need to get a life.

Things I learnt while cloth shopping:
1. I stand corrected; a fabric shop is more colourful than a fruit market;
2. There are 20 different shades of blue and pink, the existence of which was unknown to me for 22 years. I want a refund from my school and university;
3. Getting a refund from school and university is not as easy as it seems.


Having listed the above, I would like to add that I have always been a follower of many a great philosophers of our time. Philosophers that changed the way we look at the world and perceive the beauty that life is. Philosophers that revolutionised our thoughts and perceptions. One such philosopher whose statements have impacted me greatly is Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, who once said, and I quote-
You don’t get another chance. Life is no Nintendo game. 

Keeping that in mind, I will continue my quest to learn and learn and learn so that I don’t make more mistakes in life that will ruin me. I will not get another chance at life. I will not give up. Although this does not mean that I will try to fulfil the first 4 resolutions on my list because I am also very lazy.

Given the inspiring post I had posted earlier, I would like to end this one with a motivating message-
Kids, learning is important. Although you don’t need reasons to learn, but I will give a few reasons to make it easy for you.
-Learn because it is free. In a world where you have to pay for everything, lessons don’t cost you. (Unless we are talking about school and university lessons, they cost a fortune and are non-refundable);
-Learn because you can;
-Learn because it’s easy to do so;
-Learn so you can imply it when situations demand. Or not. It’s fine either way.
-Learn because a random site on the internet is telling you so.

You are welcome, kids.


  1. You seriously need to post more often, this was a joy to read!

    Also, I was floored when you mentioned Eminem as one of the philosophers you look up to. He’s also become one of my sources of inspiration in the past few weeks, and I’m listening to one of his songs (Phenomenal) right now. He really is a modern philosopher, and I’m not saying that sarcastically.


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