Lessons at 23.

  1. Friendship is not defined by time. There are people you met 2 months back and some who you met 10 years back- both can mean the world to you. Or you want to murder both because they annoy you so much but you also love them so much.
  2. It’s okay to feel incompetent. It’s okay to feel that you are not doing well enough. It’s okay to plan murders in your head. It’s okay to not feel bad for planning murders in your head.
  3. Life has a weird way of taking away things from you and then presenting something equally or more beautiful. I once dropped my can of soda right outside the shop I purchased it from and got super upset. The shopkeeper felt so bad for me that he gave me an ice cream, which, I realized, was what I needed.In my intellectual prowess, I realized the divine truth of life- we don’t always know what we want; we then sulk for not getting it. But somehow we always get what we need. That’s called the magic of life. Or sorcery. Works either way.
  1. Stop comparing yourself to others. White sauce pasta is very different from a bar of chocolate. Both have distinct flavors, taste and uniqueness but that doesn’t make either better or worse. Both are magnificent and delightful.
  2. Life is terrible and sad and scary and intimidating but it’s also amazing and fantabulous and extraordinary and beautiful. It can be the former on some days, latter on some days and all on some days.
  3. It’s okay to let people walk away from your life- no matter how important you think they are/were. Throw people away like confetti if it makes you happy (not literally).
  4. It takes time to become remarkable. A pot of hot, delicious biryani is not made in 5 minutes. It takes hours to prepare something beautiful. And given how beautiful you are- it will take years and years. But it will be worth it in the end. The aroma will enchant all and the very look of it will bewilder onlookers (talking about biryani here).
  5. There are going to be shitty days. Days on which you want to dig a hole in the ground and sleep for 893 hours, all cuddled in a blanket in the hope that the warmth reaches the heart so there is some form of comfort. Days when nothing goes right- literally nothing, but know that you can and will fight it all. You will be battered and bruised at the end but you WILL survive.
  6. Taking a nap is the solution to 99% of the problems you have.
  7. Alternatively, eating a tub of ice cream is also the solution to 99% of the problems you have. Ice cream makes everything better.
  8. You will have to hustle. There are no alternatives to that. Work hard and be sincere and hope to get a result out of it- even if the result is seemingly insignificant. Even if the result doesn’t matter and won’t make a dent in the spec of space. You keep fighting.
  9. Your journey is yours. You will find people who will be there to help and encourage you. You will also find people who will be there to deter you from your destination. But know that no one is affected by your journey as much as you are. And I don’t mean this is a negative way- it is so because others are busy with their own respective journeys and you should be with yours.
  10. Life is all about learning. You learn at every step you take. You learn and unlearn and learn again. It’s a cycle that keeps on going till the time you realize that you are not perfect and you never will be. Once you realize that, learning is no longer an effort that you make. It then becomes an involuntary, subconscious deed that doesn’t feel like a burden.
  11. Life is all about making decisions. Decisions that are terrible, shortsighted and probably will come to bite back in the bottom from time to time. But this present moment – you, whatever it is you are doing in your life – this is a result of every single decision that you have ever made. And if you feel a tiny bit of contentment and happiness at this moment, you are doing just fine. And if you don’t feel so then wait for it, it will happen.
  12. As a famous philosopher of our times, Ed Sheeran says, ‘People fall in love in mysterious ways’. You will find love at places and in ways you don’t expect. You will find serenity and peace when you are not looking for it. For example, I once went to a vegetarian restaurant thinking what a terrible idea it was but I ended up falling in love with the food served there. Never been happier!
  13. No one knows what they are doing in their life. Literally no one. Think of the most accomplished human you know personally- message them right now and ask if they know where their life is headed and if they have it all planned and sorted. Just ask. And then think about their answer.
  14. Do not be fooled by what people post on their social media profile. That picturesque European trip or work promotion or marriage or engagement- people share only the happy side of their lives. No one will post his or her failures. And trust me when I say this, we all have our fair share of failures and sticky circumstances which we don’t put out there for the world to see.
  15. Always switch off your phone and sleep during the night instead of texting that guy because no guy is worth the headache and irritable mood that you will suffer from for the next 12 hours due to sleeplessness.
  16. Talk to people when something is disturbing you. Do not suffer in silence. Never suffer in silence. Talking about suffering, I will no longer subject you to this list anymore. I had initially planned on making it to 23 lessons but life has also taught me that people don’t read so much. And I am very lazy.

Thank you.

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