M for Mother

We all have heard the phrase, ‘Being a mother is a full-time job’. But they fail to mention that it isn’t one single job. It is a complex web of many professions tangled in one messy bun. Mothers are not just ‘mothers’, they also are-

  1. The treasure hunter who, in 3 minutes, can find that one thing which you have been searching for 3 hours. Thanos would have found the Infinity Stones much before had he asked his mother for help.
  2. The therapist who knows you are upset without you saying a single word or making eye-contact.
  3. The guardian of the galaxy.
  4. The doctor (without an MBBS) who has the remedy for every problem. She can cure your headache, stomachache and heartache in a 10 minutes champi session with a bottle of coconut oil.
  5. The supervisor who tells you to clean the hotel room before the room service arrives because what will he think if the room is too dirty?

(An excerpt from a piece I wrote for a company, read here)

Point is- mothers have more Avatar than James Cameron. And they have taught us more lessons than everyone else in this world. So to honour the ones my mother has taught me, here’s a list that can benefit one and all.

  1. Love hard- Love the people who matter to you and love them with all your might. There will be lows and even more lows, love unconditionally. But don’t let the love drive you blind. Smack them hard if they hurt you. Get hold of a rolling pin if they disrespect you and all you have done for them. Grab a broom and make them run for their sorry life.
  2. Be kind- Being kind is important; the world is a better place when kind people live in it. Don’t let cruelty of others dictate your actions towards someone else. You might be fighting battles with a butter knife, but be kind enough to give the butter knife to someone who needs it to spread Nutella on their bread. Then you go and grab a sword.
  3. Be respectful- Respect is important. Whether giving or receiving, respect is necessary. Always try to be on the giving end than at the receiving. But when the receiving end becomes too scanty, jump on the demanding end. Demand respect that you know you rightly deserve.
  4. Be strong- Life will throw wrecking balls in your direction every now and then. Create a strong wall around yourself that life will need about 20 wrecking balls to break you. Once broken, start rebuilding. Then another blow will come while you are rebuilding, the wall will crumble again. You will have to repeat the excruciating process. This procedure might take place around a hundred times. Never stop rebuilding.
  5. Be polite- Politeness is rare. Polite people, even rarer. But never let politeness become your weakness. Never let politeness be the reason someone walks over you. Speak for yourself and speak sharply when time comes. Inflict paper cuts with your tongue when the need arises. After doing so, go out and buy an ointment and give it to the opposition because being kind is also important.
  6. Be organized- Always keep your room and house clean. Even if you are living alone and are an anti-social being with no friends, be organized. When your life is turned upside down (which will happen about 58679 times), you should know how and where to keep things back and sort out the mess by yourself.
  7. Learn to cook- Cook not because you have others to feed, cook because you have to feed yourself. You cannot (should not) survive on ready to cook noodles or go bankrupt eating out everyday. Cook because you need to be able to mix different ingredients that life has to offer and make something resembling a glorious bowl of chicken curry.
  8. Smile often- Even if you are weirdly conscious of your weird crooked teeth, smile and let go of the inhibitions that are holding you back. Smile because you have many reasons to smile. Smile because your vampire teeth will drive away the useless people who bring you down.

Having said the above, my love for writing lists also originated from my mother. From the very beginning, she used to give me lists for various things, like-

  1. Things to do;
  2. Things to not do;
  3. Types of people to run away from;
  4. Reasons to not to blog about your mother; and,
  5. Reasons to not listen to random bloggers on the internet talking about their mother.


Thank you for reading 🙂


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