Just in case you are a bit too curious.


Q) Do you suffer from any mental condition/disease?
A) No, as much as I would like to have a logical explanation for the way I am, I don’t have one. Although, sometimes I do think that I suffer from the opposite of  speech impediment (don’t know if there is a word for it) because I tend to talk too much. It isn’t a mental condition or a disease. Or a bad thing. Or so I like to believe. 

Q) Do you have a stop button?
A) I do, you just don’t get to know where it is.

Q) Why do you make speling mistakes?
A) I don’t know. Weird thing about me, I make mistakes when speling the easy words! The words that I have been using all my life. Sometimes, the mistakes are so bad that I just sit and stare at it while mentally debating its existence and then conclude that sory isn’t a word and look for alternatives to express my sadness for being mean to someone.

Q) What’s that thing that wear your head?
A) A scarf. It’s a protective covering to hide Voldermort’s face which is hiding at the back of my head.

Q) Should I waste my time reading your blog?
A) I don’t know! Why would you even ask that? And here I thought that I am rude.

Q) Do you have a pet?
A) No, although I want a cat. Someday. In Sha Allah.

Q) What is the meaning of ‘In sha Allah’?
A) It means, if God wills.
“Do you want to meet me on Monday?”
“In sha Allah. Let’s see”
Used as a very polite way of refusal by some.
*Ahem me ahem*

Q) Are you single?
A) Why are your questions getting so personal?

Q) Do you hate anything?
A) Yes, I hate big words.
So if you are looking for flamboyance, finesse, virtuosity, ostentatiousness, kitschiness, tinsel-ness- you are in the wrong place. Yes, I had to google those words.

Q) Last one, why are mutual funds subjected to risks?



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